Testimonials - Thermals & Active Wear

Andrew - July, 2019 - SA

G'day... my tops arrived today and they're lovely thank you! I will be ordering many more.

Susan - May, 2019 - TAS

Smitten garments are great to layer under bulky paddling cags (Canoe Slalom) and life jackets. Our paddlers all wear Smitten products for warmth during paddling!

Richard - February, 2019 - California, USA

Love your products that I recently discovered on a vacation to Tasmania so I ordered more beanies to share with my running colleagues in San Francisco and London as we are all Merino converts and love this brand.

Ian - July, 2018 - Gisborne, VIC

My beanie arrived in record time. Your Express Post bag was most appreciated and arrived literally overnight (miraculous).

The beanie is the third I have bought from Smitten. I love them all and rotate as my mood dictates. I particularly like their light weight so you can stow them in a pocket like a handkerchief. With my balding head they provide the level of thermal protection that is just right. Your beanies have been used in many cold climates including Siberia (Irkutsk and Novosibirsk), Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St Petersburg. They have also attracted admiring eyes in Paris, Milan and London.

Miranda - May, 2018 - Ulverstone, TAS


So so so comfy at Mt Everest Base camp.

Layered in Smitten from the skin out and all I can say is the more Smitten garments I have in my wardrobe the happier I will be. From plane trip, Kathmandu 30 degrees warm to -20 degrees freezing—- at the highest accommodation in the world I your merino garments were perfect Soft, Comfy, snug, super


Gene - November, 2017 - New York, USA

The weight, the look, the feel, the fit, the quality and the warmth are all perfect! I’m sure it’s quickly becoming my favorite cold weather item of clothing.

Eric Philips - November, 2017 - Hobart, Tasmania · icetrek.com

Thanks for the zip-neck thermal top in luscious orange. I went into the store to buy one because both my green ones are worn out after years of service.

They are hands down the best thermals I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to use the new orange one while skiing another new route to the South Pole, starting December 4.

Colin - August, 2017 - Junortoun, Victoria

Thank you much for your prompt service on this item (Men's Knitted Wool Zip Neck Jumper in Charcoal). It fits like a dream looks great and it is no wonder that you are selling out of sizes in this item – love it. Well done - I did appreciate speaking to Carl about the purchase.

New larger sizes to fit big blokes is great and now opens up a whole new demographic for you.

Steve - March, 2017

Ab fab boxers did the trick... No sore bottom bits after two days on the motorbike... No pongs either!! Sweet! Well done.

Henrik - October, 2016

I just wanted to congratulate you all on superb clothing, website and service. I’m so pleased that the wool is Australian, made in Australia, by Australians.

As a small aside, I used my first lot of Smitten boxers bought in 2014 on a 126-day, 2800 km hike from the bottom to the tip of Norway. Don’t tell anyone, but I only washed the boxers on three occasions and only because my wife suggested it might be a good idea. Regardless, they performed flawlessly, unlike some Icebreakers I used on an earlier hike, which just fell apart!

Tom - August, 2016

I'm smitten, amazed at having just taken delivery of my Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tops and beanie present. Such speed and efficiency!!

Hope to be back as the seasons change.

With thanks for your very friendly assistance.

Suzanne - November, 2015

Hi guys, brought a pair of your men's wool fleece pants for my recent trip to the Arctic circle. They were totally brilliant in the freezing weather. Didn't need layers, just the pants and waterproofs. And they were a perfect fit even though I am a small gal. Just hope I get to wear them again as I live in Sydney.

Don - July, 2015

Hi Guys, We won one of your neat little merino beanies as a prize that you donated to a funds raiser. So thank you for that. I wore the beanie on Saturday whilst in the country at Oatlands - 8 degrees ambient temp; and it was great. I usually get a very itchy head whenever I wear a beanie, but whilst wearing this one, I never itched once. For much of the day I simply forgot that I was even wearing it, in fact, I drove half way back to Hobart before I realized I still had it on :) I actually took it off for a period during the day, just to see how cold it my head would get, and it was bloody cold without the beanie. How can such an apparent thin little hat be so warm? A great product. I am a convert. Thank you.

Wendy - June, 2015

Just received my order (women’s cami, mens thermals and boxers) and am VERY pleased. My husband tried on the thermals and straight away commented on how comfortable they were. I have shopped with you guys before and just love wearing such quality, warm clothing.

Rody Myers

Just returned from a recent walking pilgrimage in Spain. The first two weeks the weather was snow/rain, and your gear (I had two long sleeved tops and one t-shirt) was just great. Each day I'd walk about 14-20 klms - one day without any little villages to have a rest and warm up with coffee or hot chocolate - (that was the most difficult day as far as being exposed to the cold was concerned).

I didn't complete the whole pilgrimage because of a family illness but did do over 400 klms and can give your gear a very big tick for comfort and drying. Because it was pack on back I only had one change of clothes and the clothes would go into the shower with me each night.

Annette Loudon (MMedSc)

I "discovered" Smitten while living and teaching yoga and Pilates in Tasmania and working in particularly cold venues. When I complained of the cold, one of my students recommended I try the woollen pants she wore....I've been wearing Smitten yoga pants ever since. During my 20 years of teaching they are by far the best yoga pants I've ever worn. Moreover, I travel all around Australia presenting yoga workshops and training yoga teachers... I travel in one pair and teach in my other pair and know my pants will always look good without getting creased.

Recently, I thought I'd try other items...tops and even undies! Now I love them too. I'm of the age that I've always hand-washed wool - my Smitten clothes get thrown in the wash and still look great - no wonder I'm a convert. As a committed Australian-made shopper, I also really like wearing locally made clothes and my Smitten clothes remind me of the wonderful three years I spent in Tassie!

Photo of Annette in her Smitten

Ewan Blyth

Thank you so much for the speedy turnaround. Items arrived yesterday and extremely happy with them. The 360gm garment yet untested, but you can be assured that it will be in the near future - perhaps on the Central Plateau or Ben Lomond. Not to mention my wife looks pretty "schmick" in her flame red hoody. Am quite happy to support a "home branded" company- after all, if we need to look after and support each other in these difficult economic times.

Thanks again for the speedy service

Ewan Blyth

Adventurer / Guide

My Smitten gear goes everywhere I go (generally on my person!). As an outdoors professional who spends so much time with Mother Nature in all her seasons, I am continually reminded how important good gear is. Whether I'm paddling in Antarctica, sailing Bass Strait, rafting the Franklin River or hiking in the mountains of Vietnam I know my base layers are looking after me with my Smitten light-weight gear on. For many expeditions I have literally lived in them - paddled, eaten, hiked and slept in them for days on end and still they defy the senses and refuse to smell! I have no hesitations in recommending and supporting this locally owned and made gear.

Geoff Murray

Wilderness Photographer, Tasmania

I recently returned from a 12 day unsupported sea kayaking expedition to East Greenland. This is a harsh, unforgiving climate that demands good gear. I used Smitten Merino wool clothing and it was fabulous. Always warm, I wore a 360gm long sleeve top on and off the water as well as a pair of 200g leggings. I also wore Smitten's new woollen jox which were very light and comfortable. And after 2 weeks in the same clothing, no smell! Remarkable and recommended.


Hobart, TAS

My yoga pants are so warm and cosy I hate to take them off! I love the neat fit around the waist and hips and the flattering flare of the legs making them the perfect pants for lounging or even a stylish alternative to jeans with the added warmth.

Your garments get a big tick for quality,style ,versatility, comfort and environmentally friendly - Combine this with your exceptional customer service makes Smitten worthy of world wide recognition!

I will be a long time supporter

Adrian Kiernan

2x Australian National kayaking champion, Australian team captain, Class 5 expedition leader and Film maker - check out some of his video

Everyone knows merino is warm and generally pretty "stink free" but smitten goes one better. They keep me warm and dry and the cut of the garments are super practical. The quality that comes with being produced in tasmania is fantastic. A truly great tasmanian export!

I am not proud to tell you that i have not washed my smitten thermals for over 3 weeks now on my most recent kayaking expedition . Even getting wet and sweaty every day, i can still hold my head up high (although maybe not my armpits) when its time to rejoin civilisation.

Eric Philips and Pat Farmer at the North Pole


Back from the great north with everything intact. The clothing was fantastic, performed perfectly. I used the thumb loops for the first time and they were really helpful in keeping my fingers warmer (However they are still numb now, usual for me). Pat also loved them. See pics attached.

Off to Vanuatu with the family on Wed, that should heal the fingertips!!


Pipers River, TAS

I’m not much of an athlete but I do enjoy recreational mountain biking and running and I like to continue my active pursuits during winter in spite of the cold temperatures. I first discovered the wonders of merino via a New Zealand company and fell in love with merino’s warmth and durability. But I wanted to find and support a local business that produced the same technical clothing using local talents.

“Made in Tasmania” is synonymous with quality, as I have discovered. I purchased a beanie, leggings, a zip up long sleeve top and a heavy-weight vest from the Smitten range, with the intention of using these as my cross-country running get-up; unbelieve performance when the outside thermometer reads minus 4 degrees, I can even leave my running gear on in comfort when I’m back inside doing a warm down routine as sweat and moisture is wicked away, then all I do is hang it and leave it to air dry ready for the next use – NO STINK! I’ve even started wearing them not just for sport use but as daily wear now that winter has truly set in.

Brilliant products; quality construction, extremely comfortable and durable and again, Made in Tasmania.

Well done, Nic and Carl! I’m one very smitten fan.


Kyogle, NSW

Just a short note to thank you for the boxers. We tested them out on an tough overnight trip up Mt Barney. They are a perfect fit and we were both impressed with how comfortable they feel... Very happy campers!

Larni Davies

Tourism Guiding Coordinator
Drysdale South Campus

The Tasmanian Polytechnic Tour Guiding program is a proud supporter of Smitten Merino. The zip neck top is a key component of the student uniform. Our program equips students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become professional and competent tour guides, and presentation and comfort is vitally important. The students have been exceptionally happy with their Smitten Merino’s as they immerse in the outdoor classroom in Tasmania. They spend many months of the year in-the-field, from interpreting Tasmania’s unique flora, fauna and historic heritage, to cooking up a storm on a camp stove, to bushwalking in Tasmania’s highlands or sea-kayaking on the east coast.

Our graduates become passionate ambassadors for Tasmania, and are employed as guides with a wide range of tourism businesses in Tasmania, interstate and overseas, and value their Smitten Merino long after their studies have concluded.

Stuart Knott

Western Australia

Well the Smitten merino products arrived yesterday & I am absolutely delighted with their quality, warmth, weight & of course the fact they are Tasmanian made in this day & age.

I shall certainly be an instant advocate of your range, so, don’t be surprised if you end up getting a few more orders from this part of the world.

Thanks for being so prompt & I look forward to staying in touch & helping Smitten from this part of the country.

Jon Hitchens

Tasmanian triathlon and multi-sport legend

Smitten is the feel naked go anywhere and everywhere clothing.

Lachie Carracher

Young Australian Adventurer of the Year

Love my smitten, been wearing the light weight t's a lot and very impressed by their breathability and how they dont smell, even when they are wet for a over a week in the jungle.

I will be living in my hoodie and heavy weights now I am off to the cold waters of the high volume Salween river coming straight from Tibet.

Your garmets are a well needed addition to my kayak travel kit, versitile and look good. Cheers again, Smitten is definitely getting out there and getting a lot of use

Eric Philips

Icetrek Expeditions

With over 30 years working in the outdoors, almost two thirds of those in the Arctic and Antarctic, I've seen a lot of 'wonder' fabrics come and go. Few make their mark like merino wool. I've worn it on ski expeditions to both the North and South Poles and there's no comparing the superior warmth and feel of wool. There's also no comparing the smell; unlike synthetics, merino wool doesn't retain the odour of accumulated sweat and grime, and that's a great bonus, particularly when an expedition drags from weeks into months. I'm now in northern Greenland with a range of Smitten merino thermals, t-shirts and jumpers. I'm a happy camper! Aside from all the advantages of wool, Smitten clothing fits well, is stylish and comes in a range of cool colours. And it's Tasmanian-made to boot. Smitten merino wool clothing, an expedition partner that's with me for the long haul.

Emma Weitnauer

Current Australian Multisport Champion, 11 time Ironman Finisher
3 time Hawaiian Ironman Finisher, Triathlon Coach

As an Ironman triathlete and a multisport athlete I need training clothing that is functional and that I can wear for more than one sport. Training for endurance events means long training sessions so I also need my clothing to be comfortable. My Smitten merino gear does it's job, it works well and feels great. It can be tough training through a Tasmanian winter but wearing Smitten merino tops and tights I have been able to enjoy training in sometimes very harsh conditions. In my Smitten merino gear I don't hesitate to go for a mountain run on a cold, rainy day. My Smitten crew neck top is a comfortable base layer under my mountain biking and cycling gear. I sweat a lot but the merino doesn't stay wet and so I stay warm. I also like to wear my Smitten gear when I am out kayaking and, if I could, I would even wear it swimming! I want training gear that works for me but also looks good, and Smitten outdoor gear looks great!

Mark Bowden

Owner of Bike Ride, Hobart's best bike store
Masters World Champion, Long-time bike nut.

I have been a competitive cyclist pretty much all of my life and know only too well that the key to my success has been a combination of training, commitment and having the best of equipment.I am continually searching for products that offer superior performance because that allows me to perform better and be more comfortable doing so. I had forgotten how comfy,warm and quick drying pure wool is compared to some of the synthetic base layers I have used in recent years.I have no hesitation in recommending Smitten Merino as a great product, natural and Tassie made, couldn't be better.

Dan Hall

6 x Australian Wildwater and Extreme Kayak Champion
Silver medalist at Wildwater World Cup race, Italy 2007
Kayak adventurer, Franklin River raft guide and kayak coach/instructor since 1995

All good things come back into vogue and wool is no exception. I have been wearing polypropylene thermals for years but having tried and tested the merino wool thermals from Smitten I would never go back. The merino wool feels great against the skin and the Smitten designs fit me perfectly. I have been wearing my Smitten top for over a week so far and it still doesn't smell! The lightweight thermals are brilliant for training on the water as they maintain my body temperature without making me overheat. I am definitely impressed.

Andrew Wakefield

Adventurer, Geologist, Franklin River Guide, Antarctic Sea Kayak Guide

The Smitten thermals have been truly fantastic. Bron and I have spent the last 6 or 7 weeks largely over 4000metres altitude and they have been a real life saver. We have been virtually living in them for this time.

Carol Hurst

6 times Australian Classic Wildwater Champion
Silver - Masters International Wildwater Race 2006, Czech Rep
Cycled from Melbourne to Darwin
Climbed "The Nose" of El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California

Be Smitten, be warm enough, be cool enough, be very comfortable - just great for being outdoors in all weathers and they don't develop that thermal pong - I love them!

John H. Clingo

2008 Tasmanian XC Veteran MTB Champion. Owner of Cyclingo Bike Shop, Hobart

I’ve been loving the Smitten gear. It performs brilliantly, survives all conditions and the quality is right up there with the best ‘top-end’ brands. I definitely recommend it to riders, paddlers, runners, and any one else tackling the elements.

Pete Harmsen

Freelance cameraman, 5 Sydney to Hobart Yacht races

As a cameraman working in Tasmania’s great outdoors, it’s often difficult to know what to wear. The weather changes by the minute; I’m climbing up a mountain with a hectic heart rate and sweating, trying to film a runner, then standing around getting cold waiting for the next one. Then jumping in a raft or a boat to film paddlers while getting wet and cold. What I’ve finally discovered with my merino smitten wear is that I can sweat, stand, get wet, sweat and stand again while maintaining a reasonably constant body temp. When it’s my turn to get active, it doesn’t overheat like some other thermal gear, and keeps me warm when I stop. It’s also so light that carrying an extra layer in the backpack is easy, and even protects my camera gear. It feels superb next to the skin, doesn’t hold moisture, and looks so good I can wear it to a corporate meeting.

Great work team smitten, you’ve made my outdoor life much more enjoyable.

Vern Reid

Winner 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 S.T Veteran Summer Series
Winner Tour of Kingborough 97
Winner Launceston to Ross 96

In Smitten clothing you stay warm even when sweating, so in winter you don't freeze going downhill. A cyclist's dream!