Womens' Merino Wool Fashion Clothing

Smitten Merino’s superfine merino wool clothing is highly versatile, making it ideal for any season, occasion or event.

100% Australian Made, our merino wool is sourced from Australian Farms and non-mulesed sheep.

Smitten’s luxurious superfine merino wool keeps you cosy and warm in winter and fall, and comfortable and cool during summer. Wear merino wool year-round for ultimate comfort and style.

Why wear merino wool? It’s super breathable, light, easy to care for, and form-fitting. Our superfine merino wool pieces are ideal for layering, and a great choice to wear travelling. Fully machine washable makes it a breeze to keep your merino clothes fresh and long lasting.

Merino wool is more breathable than cotton, keeping you cool and comfortable more effectively and for a longer time. The insulation properties of wool retain heat in winter to keep you nice and warm. Our superfine merino wool has excellent body temperature regulating qualities, so that you can stay comfortable year-round.

Smitten’s women’s wool thermals are flexible, trans-seasonal garments, great for layering. Simply add layers or remove them to comfortably adjust to the ever changing climate.

We have a diverse range of premium merino wool clothing designed to perfectly fit in a variety of occasions and seasons.

Womens' Merino Wool Fashion Clothing | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.

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