Women's Merino Wool Coats and Jackets

Stylish Australian-made women's merino wool coats will make you look forward to winter.

Fall and Winter fashion just got even better. Our superfine merino wool coats and jackets are the epitome of elegance, ultra chic style. If you’re looking for timeless, effortless pieces for your winter wardrobe, you have come to the right place!

Smitten have designed a wide variety of woolen coats and jackets that do more than simply keep you lovely and warm. Available in versatile styles, we can help you find the perfect jacket or coat that is sure to flatter, sitting closely and comfortably around your body.

On chilly days, you will be reaching for one of Smitten’s Tasmanian-made wool coats time and time again! Perfect for dressing up any outfit, they make gorgeous stand-out pieces that can effortlessly lift any look.

From date nights, to after work drinks or walks in the park - look stylish and chic while staying beautifully warm wherever you go.

Timeless Style and Super Comfortable

Smitten’s coats and jackets are the perfect marriage between gorgeous style and sensible winter and fall-wear. Your outer layers are front and centre in the winter, and having some reliable staples in your class are a great way to feel confident and comfortable for the entire season. Our coats are high quality and designed to last, easy to look after and fully machine washable, you will be enjoying your Smitten wool coat for years to come. 

Fashionable and Practical Style

Excellent fashion and confidence in winter begins with your outerwear. Smitten’s quality wool coats will not only keep you warm throughout the cooler seasons, but these beautiful designs come in a variety of lovely naturals, chic black, and bright colors that are always flattering against your skin, while making your eyes and hair look brighter and lively.

Made with superfine merino wool and stitched together by skilled Tasmanian makers, our coats fit nicely over your sweaters, shirts, pants and skirts without creating static. It’s easy to create a beautifully coordinated winter outfit with Smitten, as we truly do have a coat and jacket for every occasion.

A Wool Coat to Enjoy for Years to Come

A quality coat is an important part of any winter wardrobe. The quality, style, and warmth can make or break your outfits! Browse our collection of merino wool coats in various styles, length and colors to find your perfect outerwear piece that matches your individual style and personality. Each of our product descriptions lists features of our coats, including materials, composition, and ideas on how to wear and style each garment. Some of our products even include a video demo, so you can really get a good idea of how these coats and jackets fit. Feel free to get in touch with us for more advice on selecting your ideal winter pieces.

Ethically Sourced Tasmanian and Australian Wool – caring for animals and caring for you

At Smitten Merino, we value ethics and sustainability in the production of all of our garments. Our aim is to always minimise harm to animals and humans in fashion production. To do this, all of the merino wool used in our clothing is grown using cruelty-free, non-mulesed sheep.
Our fabrics are produced in Australia at a The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified facility, ensuring the sheep used in the production of our garments are free from discomfort, pain or injury.

Caring for our customers, all of our wool coats and jackets undergo a stringent quality control process before reaching you. This includes spinning, coloring, design, machining, construction and final quality inspection and checks. Through these procedures, we know your skin will be safe and feel amazing in any of our products.

You will enjoy your coat for many years to come. Made of a gorgeous natural fibre with excellent thermal properties, merino wool outerwear garments are a winter must-have. Saving you from hassle, You can put them through the washing machine without worrying about a loss in quality. Enjoy comfortable, fashionable style year-round with Smitten Merino.

Women's Merino Wool Coats and Jackets | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.

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