Wool Ponchos for Women

Our lightweight wool ponchos can elevate your wardrobe with effortlessly chic style. Add a pop of color, warmth, and elegance to any outfit.

Layering a superfine merino wool poncho above wool or cotton tops, jeans, leggings, or pants is an easy way to add modern chic style to your wardrobe. Smitten’s ponchos have been designed to flatter a wide variety of body shapes.

Whether you’re looking for a thick, woolen winter poncho or a lightweight poncho for spring, Smitten has the outerwear garment perfect for every season.

Versatile Wool Ponchos for Your Transeasonal Wardrobe

Ponchos are truly a must-have in every wardrobe, due to their amazing versatility for different weather conditions and occasions. Smitten has a wide variety of ponchos in different styles, weights and colors, so you can find the perfect poncho that suits your personality and lifestyle!

Our lightweight (200g) wool ponchos make the perfect transeasonal accessory to add to any outfit! Stay protected from the sun when out and about in spring and summer in a breathable, ultra chic superfine merino wool poncho.

In winter, wear one of our thicker wool ponchos on top of a wool top, camisole, or sweater to stay cosy and warm while looking great. Our merino wool ponchos are the perfect finish for your winter wardrobe, and make choosing and constructing fashionable and practical winter outfits simple.

If you’re a travel lover, our ponchos will be your favorite companion. No need to worry about creasing, simply pop your poncho in a handbag and have a lovely, wrinkle-free garment ready to wear when you need protection from the sun or cold, or simply want to add some extra chic European style to your look.

Wool Ponchos Made in Australia

 Smitten’s superfine merino wool is a natural fibre, much more kind to sensitive skin than chemically altered, synthetic fabrics. Feel lovely and comfortable in any weather in a merino wool poncho. Your skin will thank you for it!

Made in Australia from the wool of cruelty-free, non-mulesed sheep. Quality control tested for your comfort and safety. 

Wool Ponchos for Women | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.

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