Women's Merino Wool Scarves and Wraps

A luxurious woollen scarf is the perfect winter accessory. Elevate any cool weather outfit with one of Smitten’s versatile merino wool scarves. Achieve different looks with just one scarf

Our super soft, wool scarves can be worn in numerous ways, as stunning pashmina shawls, wraps, beach wraps, a travel rug, shoulder protection from harsh sun, a turban, sarong, picnic blanket or baby wrap.. your imagination is the only real limit!

A perfect addition to any transeasonal wardrobe, a Smitten scarf will keep you comfy and protected while looking fabulous throughout the year.

Smitten’s superfine merino wool scarves are practical for outdoor adventures in any weather. Stay protected from the sun, wind, and cold in a lovely warm scarf.

Our woolen wraps are perfect to keep you cosy and snug while looking ultra chic on-the-go. Transition from running earrings to getting brunch with the girls in style. Our merino wool wraps come in a variety of styles, colors, and weights, so that you can find the perfect accessory to your outfit whatever the weather or occasion!

Smitten’s wool scarves are popular due to their glorious feel on the skin, joyful colors and diversity of prints and fabric weights to fit your style and needs. Simply throw on one of our scarves to achieve the effortless Euro-chic look with any outfit.

Merino wool is a gorgeous, natural fibre that feels amazing on the skin. With incredible thermal properties, you will stay lovely and warm in cool weather. When the sun comes out, you can stay protected in our wraps which are highly breathable, ensuring you always feel comfortable!

Easy to care for, our wool scarf and wraps are great pieces to take with you when traveling. They’re completely machine washable and don’t crinkle, so you can pop one in your handbag ready to take out when you need protection from cold wind or harsh sun.

Ethically Sourced Australian Wool

Sewn in Australia and made from the wool of cruelty-free, non-mulesed sheep, Smitten’s garments and accessories are ethically produced. Our commitment to our customers safety is reflected in our stringent quality control procedures throughout the design, construction and cleaning processes. Smitten’s merino wool scarves and wraps are kind to sensitive skin, and feel amazing on everyone!

Women's Merino Wool Scarves | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.

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