Women's Merino Wool Sweaters

Modern merino wool sweater in fine or chunky knit for year-round comfort and style

Elevate your winter and/or fall winter wardrobe with Smitten’s range or merino wool knit sweaters.

Bright colored sweaters and pull-overs add vibrancy and fun on cooler days. Elegant and flattering, stand out from the crowd with these great-feeling and amazing looking tops.

A wide variety of colors allows you to mix and match these sweats to match with your personal style. Easy to look after, simply pop in the washing machine after wearing them to ensure you can enjoy them for simple and classy winter, fall, spring (and even summer - depending on where you live) looks for years to come. Crush-proof, merino knit sweaters and high quality. Not only do they look great, but they feel amazing against your skin. Naturally breathable with thermal properties which maximise your comfort.

Fine knit sweaters are ideal for spring or fall, while our chunky knit sweaters will be your winter wardrobe's new favorite addition.

Merino Wool Sweaters With an Unparalleled Feel and Style

Let your skin indulge in the ultimate softness and smoothness of merino wool. Super-fine merino wool is a natural fibre that is kind to skin, allowing it to breath and helping your body remain at the ideal temperature no matter the weather conditions or activity you’re undertaking!

Not only are these the most comfortable sweaters you will find, they’re also the most flattering. With a perfect flow that elevates your body to help you look your best.

Some luxurious textiles require special treatment to be cared for, but Smitten’s merino wool sweaters are different. Our garments can be popped into the washing machine, making them easy to care for and enjoy for many seasons and years in the future.

Made in Australia by talented and highly skilled garment makers, our sweater styles have been refined over time to have the perfect amount of detail and the most flattering and stylish shapes.

The perfect amount of stretch in our sweaters allows for you to enjoy our sweaters even as your body changes and if your weight fluctuates. Look fabulous and classy throughout the year in Smitten Merino.

Ethical wool, sourced from Australian producers – caring for animals and caring for you

Smitten Merino’s wool is sustainably grown from Australian, non-mulesed sheep. Our aim is to provide luxurious garments that are cruelty free, sustainable, and ethical. We believe that great fashion shouldn’t come at the harm of others, or the planet.

Caring for our customers, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that before you knit sweater arrives, it has undergone several thorough quality control checks. From the sourcing right up to the packing of your clothes, they have been checked and tested in all weather conditions for their quality and durability.

Your skin will thank you for choosing Smitten Merino. Superfine wool that is extremely smooth and soft on your skin, with incomparable temperature regulating properties. Enjoy your merino wool pieces for years to come! If you have sensitive skin, merino wool makes a great choice. It’s more breathable than cotton, ensuring you are the most comfortable you possibly can be, no matter the weather.

Women's Merino Wool Sweaters | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.

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