Merino Wool Yoga Pants and Tops for Women

Need a pair of yoga pants for your upcoming Pilates class? We have the perfect solution for you! Smitten’s range of wool yoga pants and tops are designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Our range of merino wool thermals for women includes merino wool Lounge Pants, merino wool Yoga Pants, merino wool camisole tops, merino wool Wide Leg Pants, merino wool Crop Pants, and merino wool Leggings.

Our relaxed merino wool fleece lounge pants are perfect for the on the go woman. With their loose style and high rise wasteland, they flatter many body shapes and sizes and provide amazing comfort. These pants are perfect for easily transitioning through your daily activities.

Our merino wool Yoga pants have the perfect amount of stretch to allow you to freely and comfortably move your body. Their wide legs allow for ultimate movement and flexibility, essential to have when taking your yoga and Pilates classes.

Smitten’s lightweight, breathable and durable yoga pants and tops are guaranteed for all your fitness needs. Made of natural fibres and that are kind to your skin and the environment.

Merino wool yoga pants make the ideal base layer on cool days. Wear beneath a pair of pants, jeans, or a winter dress to stay toasty and warm, you will feel like you’re wearing a wool blanket! With merino wool’s amazing thermal properties, your body will always be at a lovely temperature, without overheating or sweating.

Perfect for your transeasonal wardrobe essentials, Smitten’s breathable wool yoga pants and yoga tops will keep you warm during your winter morning Pilates class, and cool on sunny afternoon walks.

Find your new favorite pair of yoga pants today - your skin and body will thank you for it!

Merino Wool Yoga Pants and Tops for Women | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.

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