A how-to guide to being all dressed up… and completely Smitten

base layer

Start with your merino leggings
- They work under everything!

If you choose 2 or 3 different tops, you can mix and match your look. You can wear them under or over for a different style!

AND don’t forget your Smitten leggings can ALSO double as the perfect PJ’s when you’re away… combine your merino camisole with a long sleeve top (stripes, spots or plain) and you’re already warm…

This is also a perfect active wear outfit when you’re travelling :)

Keep these under layers fitted for maximum heat efficiency. Wear wool socks not cotton if you want really warm tootsies. Wear knee high wool socks over your leggings and under boots for maximum warmth factor.

Once you have your leggings and wool cami on - you are ready to get dressed!

WE have so many new choices of gorgeous merino leggings you won’t know yourself this winter…

We have 200g plain merino, 200g striped, 180g patterned (Inca, Abbey Floral and Keyhole) as well as 360g ponte and our all-time favourite best selling 270g fluffy wool fleece leggings.

Extra warmth on your legs is more effective than on your torso.

middle layers

Next is your insulating layer

Put on your favourite swing dress, wrap dress, tulip dress, scoop dress (one of them, not all), yoga pants, or skirt. Neutral colours like black, steel, indigo and stone work well for this layer if you want maximum versatility.

top layer

Finally - Layer your favourite coloured cardi over your Smitten outfit

Choose between the gorgeous new Mini Drape Cardi, amazing Sleeveless Wrap, Long Drape Cardi, Button Cardi, Plain Cardi or the cute Crop Cardi, all available in a huge range of colours. Alternatively add a poncho for some extra style and glamour. Our Smitten Ponchos are made from such lightweight merino that they float but look elegant, and small enough to fold up into your handbag - and still keep you warm.

Finally - the scarf!! Throw that over your poncho or cardi. Our Smitten Scarf is big so it can be used as a wrap on the plane when you’re jetting places… Or twirled around your neck in a variety of styles, or worn as a pashmina when you are going out to dinner, wrapped around your head as a headscarf, or even as a blanket over your knee at the theatre… so many options! Again we have almost 40 colours and stripes to choose from- and all designed to work in with your current Smitten wardrobe.

And Lastly… Accessories!!

Add a coat and a beanie or hat over the top of everything and you’re ready for anything. Looking smart and stylish whilst being sneakily toasty warm!

Some simple rules
for surviving winter

WEAR light merino layers, and wool socks.

Merino wicks moisture away, keeping your body warm and merino also responds to changes in body temperature - so will breathe and be cool in summer.

Remember cotton denim jeans are not warm on their own, especially when the weather is cold AND wet. Cotton absorbs moisture - great for towels, but not for winter clothing.

Merino also dries super fast - perfect if you’re travelling, and the fact that merino resists stains and is low-odour means your Smitten requires less washing.

Your perfect travel partner!

Make sure you wear gloves or mittens and wool socks as your extremities can really feel the cold!

Wear with a wool beanie or hat you will be covered from head to toe, add a merino scarf around your neck to feel warm and comfortable.