Thermal Clothing

Australian Merino Wool Base Layers for Men, Women and Kids

Thermal clothing and active wear has never been warmer. Merino wool fabric has fantastic thermal properties for both heating and cooling. It's great as a base layer because it's lightweight and breathable.

You will always be comfortable when exercising in your Smitten Merino - it keeps you warm even when wet, if you are active in the rain, or getting hot and sweaty, you won't get a chill - and is odor resistant, unlike polyester pieces, your Smitten active tops won't get smelly.

Thermal clothing for men, women and kids

The benefits of wearing merino as thermal layers are well known - and these are some of the reasons why we love wearing merino:

  • Merino is breathable and thermo-regulating, so it helps keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. So even though we say it's 'Winter' clothing, you can wear it in 40 degrees in summer, in freezing winter weather, and every season in between.
  • Merino wool is the only fabric that stays warm even when it’s wet and naturally wicks moisture away from the skin for extra comfort when you are in wet and freezing conditions or sweating.
  • Odor-Resistant with natural antimicrobial properties to prevent odor – perfect when traveling and adventuring.
  • Australian Merino wool is a sustainably produced natural fibre, as well as being bio-degradable - so it's an ethically conscious choice.