• Chunky Merino Wool Sleeveless Wrap - Smitten Merino Tasmania Australia

    Chunky Merino Wool Sleeveless Wrap

    Made in Australia

    This is a gorgeous and versatile sleeveless wrap vest. You can wear it so many ways, and it's made from a beautiful soft 18 micron 100% merino knit. It is actually wearable upside down- and even inside out if you wanted! You can even belt it and wear it as a coat-dress!

    Click here for a video outlining the many ways this can be worn!

    So many different looks - and a great travel option as it is really warm but lightweight. Great to layer over a Scoop Top.

    Made in Australia.

    Happy customer, Bridget writes: "Wow! What a fab design. So many ways to wear it. It’s too much fun! All smiles here!"

    PLEASE NOTE: As they are a heavier knit, Smitten Chunky Knits are not recommended for machine wash. Hand wash only.

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