Merino Wool Cardigans for Women

Smitten Merino’s superfine merino wool cardigans are sophisticated accessories ideal for any woman’s wardrobe. Available in a huge variety of stunning colors and cuts, these cardis will be your favourite accessory.

Easy-to-wear and care for, our Australian merino wool cardigans make chic fashion more accessible than ever. Various weights are available to suit your wardrobe, whether for cosy winter layering, cool fall days, or mild spring weather, we have the perfect cardigan for any season or occasion. 

Smitten’s merino wool garments are super practical and elegant. Taking a cardigan out and about with you in your handbag in case of a cool change is always a good idea! Our best-selling stylish drape cardigans are uber modern and chic, free of buttons and clasps and available in a wide range of wool weights, lengths and colors so that you can pick and choose the ideal accessory for your particular wardrobe or occasion.

Warmth and Style in a Cardigan

Fold up our superfine merino cardigans and tuck away in your bag, to have it ready to grab if you start to feel cool. Transition from work to play easily with these versatile stylish cardis. Knitted cardigans make a fresh, elegant change from your old jackets. Made with Australian merino wool and from non-mulesed sheep, our garments have been loved by clients in both Australia and the US for years. Buyer beware - our customers know it’s hard to stop at just one cardigan, and you may be tempted to add several colors and styles to your wardrobe! 

Enhance Your Chic Casual or Work Wardrobe

Our cardigans are the ultimate accessory for casual or office wear. By throwing one over your outfit, your look is instantly elevated with a merino piece that has been designed to flatter and impress.

Improve your entire look with a lightweight, crease-proof, super breathable and comfy cardigan. Versatile and portable, you can easily travel with our cardis tucked safely in your bag, ready to help keep you warm and looking and feeling stylish when the weather unexpectedly cools.

Ethical wool Sourced from Australian Farms

All of our knit cardigans are made of wool sourced from Australian farms that only use ethical, non-mulesed sheep. We care about the animals our wool is sourced from, and we also care deeply for our customers and their welfare. That’s why all of our superfine merino garments are thoroughly tested and cleaned before they touch your skin. The stringent process of producing our cardigans includes cleaning and spinning, coloring, designing, machining, construction and a rigorous quality control process. When you shop Smitten, you’re supporting a team of skilled Australian seamstresses who thoughtfully sew and put together our stunning garments.

Smitten’s merino wool cardigans have incredible thermal properties and body temperature regulating qualities. This makes them ideal pieces for a yearly wardrobe, as you can easily layer them up or down depending on the season or weather conditions. You don’t have to deal with handwashing either, as all our merino wall products are able to be cleaned in washing machines for your convenience.

Merino Wool Cardigans for Women | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.

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