Men's Jackets & Hoodies

Our beautifully designed and crafted men’s merino wool jackets are made to maximise your comfort and style throughout the year. A unique mix of modern and classic styles, there’s something for everyone. Find your new go-to winter and fall wool jacket.

Stylish Fleece Wool Jackets

Our superfine merino wool jackets look great for whatever activity you’re undertaking. The perfect garment to wear on hikes, when running, kayaking, or just running around doing errands. Pop one of our jackets on top of your outfit to instantly and effortlessly elevate your look.

Different styles are available, from tailored pieces which form to your body, to more loose and roomy designs. We have the perfect jacket for every man and every occasion.

Protection from the Elements

Smitten’s men’s wool jackets are stylish and practical, designed to provide you with maximum comfort no matter the season or weather. Merino wool is a unique super textile, it has excellent body temperature regulating properties, providing you warmth without weight. Our jackets are true transeasonal pieces, thanks to merino’s thermal properties and breathability which helps you stay at a cool temperature - even in spring and summer.

Ethical Australian Wool

At Smitten, we strive for sustainability and a cruelty-free supply chain. That begins with our textile suppliers. That’s why we use only the wool of non-mulesed sheep from Australian farms.

We have a zero-waste policy, using any scraps of fabric and turning them into beanies, mittens and other accessories. We also ship orders out in 100% biodegradable postage bags, instead of traditional plastic postage bags that add to landfill.

Caring for the well-being of our customers is our priority. This is why when you order a wool jacket from us, you know you’re getting a quality piece. We have stringent quality control and safety procedures and standards that every garment and accessory undergoes before being packed and shipped to you. In the end, you get a quality piece ready to wear and enjoy throughout the year.

Men's Merino Wool Thermal Jackets and Hoodie | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature

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