Women's Merino Wool Sweaters and Chunky Knits

Express your style in a luxurious knitted merino wool sweater from Smitten.

Our Australian merino wool sweaters come in a variety of fabulous colors that have the ‘WOW’ factor. Super easy to look after, our garments are completely safe to put through the washing machine without the risk of crushing. Take one with you when you’re on the move. Just pop it away in your bag and when there’s a cool weather change, you will have a lovely, wrinkle-free wool knitted sweater ready to go!

Find the perfect sweater to complement your wardrobe, personality and lifestyle.

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Style in a Merino Wool Sweater

Your skin will love our comfy sweaters. Super-fine merino wool fabric has amazing thermal properties and body temperature regulating qualities. No matter if the sun is shining or its ice-cold outside, you can stay perfectly comfortable year-round in a Smitten knit sweater. Super smooth against your skin, they have been designed to be ultra flattering on a wide range of body shapes and sizes while being amazingly comfortable. Our skilled Tasmanian garment makers pay close attention to detail, so that each and every one of our sweaters is perfectly tailored and of a high quality. 

Your New Favorite Stretchy Sweater

Do you like your sweaters to have a little give to them? Our luxurious merino wool fabric is stretchy, creating a gorgeous silhouette on any body. Our sweaters are versatile as they can adapt as your body changes thanks to their perfect stretch.

Ethically Sourced Merino Wool Fabric from Australian Farms

All of our sweaters are created from merino wool from cruelty-free, non-mulesed sheep in gorgeous Tasmania. Australia is well-known for it’s high quality wool farms, which is part of what makes our sweaters so luxurious and comfortable.

Caring for our customers is critical. Smitten’s garments all undergo a thorough quality control process, from cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining, construction and the final quality control procedures. This ensures that by the time you put on your brand new sweater, we know it’s safe to wear against your skin. We provide a truly high quality, transeasonal garment to be enjoyed year-round.

Smitten’s superfine merino wool clothes are ideal pieces to wear any season. In fall and winter, wear them on their own or for extra warmth, they make perfect pieces to layer with their breathable and thermal properties that maximise comfort no matter the weather. A flattering shape and excellent fabric means you can wear them above shirts and underneath jackets without the bulk that can be created from lower-quality garments.

Women's Merino Wool Sweaters and Chunky Knits | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.

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