Merino Wool Maternity Wear

Merino wool maternity wear, providing you with comfort from the very early stages of pregnancy right through to full-term and after the baby has arrived!

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but of course as your body changes it can quickly become uncomfortable! Merino wool is an ideal textile for expectant mothers, due to its soft texture, stretch, and body temperature regulating properties.

Smitten’s garments take the hassle out of caring for clothes while pregnant, our merino wool pieces are 100% machine washable and crush-proof, easy to pop on for a stylish comfortable, wrinkle-free look. Many mothers appreciate that our wool maternity wear pieces don’t require ironing or handwashing!

Practical and Stylish Wool Maternity Wear

Save money and avoid waste with Smitten’s variety of maternity wear garments. Our pieces can be worn after pregnancy, during breastfeeding, and beyond! Our merino wool pieces are designed to adapt to your body as it changes, with the ideal amount of stretch for changing bodies.

Brittany writes ""Many mothers might not initially want to justify spending on a dress they think they will 'only need for a few months' ... However the value of these items for the whole pregnancy and breastfeeding journey (and beyond) results in fantastic value for money!""
Welcome this new stage of your life in comfort and style. Maternity dresses, pants, leggings, ponchos, all in divine merino wool keeps you feeling comfortable and looking chic no matter the stage of your pregnancy.

Kind to the Planet - Kind to Your Skin

At Smitten Merino, we believe that caring for animals is caring for you. That’s why our maternity wear clothing is designed and constructed using only the wool of non-mulesed sheep from Australian farms.

When you're pregnant, comfort and safety become even more important. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that Smitten’s woolen garments and accessories undergo stringent quality control procedures throughout the designing, construction, manufacturing and cleaning processes. Rest assured your order has been thoroughly checked before reaching your doorstep and touching your skin.

Merino Wool Maternity Wear | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.

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