Smitten Merino in Tasmania

We Support Local Manufacture and Transparency in Fashion

Smitten Merino, as a small Tasmanian brand, wants to support skilled Australian women to keep sewing our clothing. We believe in sustainability and ethics - and are excited to be a part of the Fashion Revolution because we want radical change.

We want people to think about where their clothes are sourced and produced.

Smitten Merino is a family business born in Hobart in 2007.

Husband and wife team Nicola and Carl had a dream to design lightweight merino wool clothing that was stylish, comfortable and practical, and have it manufactured right here in Tasmania.

We had recently moved from WA and loved the climate, the people, the whole island, and especially the sheep! And we wanted to know where all the wonderful wool was going, because we were cold and wanted to wear some... So - we decided to make it ourselves. We wanted to support Tasmania and be local. We wanted to create a unique brand, and offer visitors and locals a Tassie souvenir that they could wear for years to come.

Smitten Merino is very much a Family Business - as Carl is Main Marketing Man, Nicola is the Designer and Photographer, Holly, our daughter is the face of smitten and Part-time fab sales person, Brooke our other daughter is Part-time smitten model, Chief Swing- tag maker and Picker/packer in Uni holidays, and Daniel, our skateboarding son, is hopefully taking over as Photographer for all our shoots (when he can direct the camera away from beetles and sheep...)

We hope you love Smitten as much as we do - our relationship with you is one we treasure.

Thank you for keeping our wool dream alive.
Nicola and Carl Mason

About Our Fabrics

Spun from super-fine merino, our wool is sourced from Tasmanian and Australian premier wool growing regions. It’s our passion to provide you with garments that are natural fibre, sustainable, and environmentally aware. All Smitten merino wool is sustainably grown and non-mulesed. Our manufacturing procedure undergoes a stringent process before it touches your body; cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining, construction and quality control. The end result, a product that looks and feels better, lab tested in our own Tasmanian backyard.

Smitten wool is a distinctive fabric that is super-soft and generates warmth for those cooler occasions, plus is lightweight and favourable for those warmer months with its breathability allowing you to layer without uncomfortable bulk.

It is soft on your skin but also tough enough to be washed in the washing machine – throw it in and go.

Let yourself experience a little piece of luxury that will stand up to all conditions.

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