Merino Thermal Base-layer Wool Socks

Merino Wool Socks, Perfect Base Layers for Men or Women

With it’s great skin feel, Smitten’s merino wool socks will have your feet smiling. Made in Australia in a wool textile blended with possum/wallaby fur. A unique, ultra soft and comfy base layer for your feet. You will never want to take these socks off.

Light-weight, breathable, and designed to maximise your comfort, experience non-bulky warmth in a pair of merino wool socks.

Calf-length for versatility, wear them to work in your good shoes, or beneath your hiking boots on your next adventure.

Ultimate Comfort Socks

Designed to wear no matter the season or weather conditions, Smitten’s thermal socks have an incomparable luxe feel thanks to the combination of merino wool and possum or wallaby fur.

These fibres have natural absorb, are low-odor, breathable, and super soft. Amazing strength and durability means you can enjoy your socks time and time again, all through the year.

Our socks come in a variety of colors, from neutral tones to something a little brighter. Pick a color to enhance your outfit or for everyday wear.

Socks for any occasion

When your feet are happy, you’re happy. Smitten’s wool socks make it feel like you’re walking on a cloud, with your feet always at an ideal temperature. With Smitten, you can have a little bit of luxury on your feet, every day.

Ethically Produced Woollen Socks

Quality fashion doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. All of our merino wool garments are made from wool of non-mulesed sheep on Australian farms.

Merino wool is more sustainable than other textiles and is a renewable resource. At Smitten, we believe in caring for animals, the planet, and people. When you order from us, you’re receiving a quality handmade item constructed by a team of talented women, and made with care.

Your piece has undergone stringent quality control measures before reaching your doorstep. In the end, you get a luxurious, natural fibre pair of socks that feel and look amazing.

Merino Thermal Base-layer Wool Socks | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature

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